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When To Expect The Messiah

When to Expect Moshiach – A Possible Scenario.
Only God knows the date and time. But we are allowed to think about.
The following video shows an interesting calendar.

Wann können wir den Messias erwarten? – Ein mögliches Szenario.
Nur Gott weiss Datum und Zeit. Aber wir dürfen uns trotzdem Gedanken machen.
Das nachfolgende Video zeigt eine interessante Zeitrechnung

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COVID-19, 5G and the Final War.

[About me, the author of Tikkun Medardus: I am (as far as I know) a goy (gentile). But who knows? Maybe I’m a descendant of the tribe of יִשָּׂשכָר? Maybe I’m a Ger Shearim? God knows. Moshiach will know. Anyway. I believe that Yeshua (erroneously called Jesus) is my Tzaddik and Messiah. I further believe that Yeshua lived as Mashiach Ben Yosef 2000 years ago and he will return or להתגלג (reincarnate) as Mashiach Ben David. Yeshua was/is a human, not a Trinitarian “God-in-the-flesh” Jesus. I worship the one and only God, Hashem, the Creator of the universe!]

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