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My Workplace from 1974 until 1985.

“If I ride on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” (Ps. 139:9-10, NIV)

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Coast Station Berne Radio HEB:

CQ de HEB QRV (Coast Station ** Bernradio HEB, at Radio-Schweiz AG, 1980): ** Where is the coast? We have the Thunersee, not too far away!
Thomas acting as a radio operator, transmitting a telegram in MORSE code to a ship on the Mediterranean sea (on 12MHz):
 .mp3 Bernradio’s last CQ in 1990 (with the friendly permission of Bernradio)

Bernradio HEB Telephony: (During night shift…) Connecting people offshore with people onshore via voice.

Presenting HEB at the Basler Mustermesse (MUBA) in 1979:

My Radio Operator Certificate, 20-SEP-1978:

Certificate PTT:

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Aeronautical Station Berna:

“Flight Calling Berna”: Berne’s Aeronautical High Frequency (HF) Radio Station, running 24/7, at Radio-Schweiz AG, 1982:
Thomas as a radio controller, during an idle minute after midnight, monitoring / watching up to six frequencies:

  .mp3  Listen to Thomas in contact with two BCAL/BP (British Caledonian) Flights inbound Italy

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Radio-Schweiz AG, Telecommunications – DATASTAR:

Move long (MVL): The time I programmed fancy online Videotex applications  at Radio-Schweiz AG for Swissair and Globus AG in IBM Assembler language (1983):

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The BT2 crew at Riedern/Bern (1999):
F.l.t.r: Thomas/mdr, Claudio/cor, Peter/wlp, Claudia/bel, Eveline/bur, Heidi/hgl, Bruno/ack and posing instructor René/rb, proud of his RSAG shirt. Telecommunication BT2 shirt made in 1974:

The BT2 crew on the way to Bern-Belpmoos (2007):
F.l.t.r: mdr, cor, (Doris) zbn, (Dieter) mut, bur, hgl, bel, wlp, (Esther) fuh, ack, rb :

The RSAG (Radio-Schweiz AG) logo:

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