NNSC Korea 1980/81

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Serving in Korea as a Swiss Warrant Officer (WO1), May 1980 – April 1981

One of my favorite songs during my stay: Arirang!
Arirang – a Korean folksong

NNSC – Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission – Korea, Panmunjom
(NNSC Factsheet)

The Swiss Delegation – “In front of them all !”(1981)

(f.l.t.r.: Lt Greutert, Cpt. Widmer, Major General Bornhauser, Warrant Officer
(WO) Mäder, WO Krähenbühl):

The Bridge Of No Return in the DMZ, Panmunjom, 1980:


Warrant Officer (WO1) Thomas Mäder (TM), standing right on the border crossing point, the demarcation line, the 38th parallel, dividing North and South Korea at the JSA (Joint Security Area) Panmunjom, in 1980:

left: Chinese+NK officers, center: WO1 Thomas Mäder, right: US+SK officers


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And now back to 1980/1981:

View from the South Conference Area to the Panmungak (North Korea):

The Peace Pagoda on the Southern side of the JSA (left: delegation approaching the North Korean Panmungak):


Returning to the Swiss Camp from a conference in the JSA, Panmunjom, 1981:

Entering the Swiss & Swedish NNSC Camp:

At the Lake of Panmunjom:

Camp Kitty Hawk, near Panmunjom, 1981:

Anyeong ha simnika! Doing business in Seoul, 1981:

Signal officer’s daily duty, waiting for Berne to call:

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