Rabbi Mendel Kessin on Yeshua and Christianity

Many of you know that I, “TM”, greatly appreciate Rabbi Mendel Kessin’s vast knowledge of Judaism, especially topics such as the coming Messianic Kingdom or his teachings about the RaMCHaL’s “Derech Hashem” (“The Way of God”). For this reason, I have also included several pages with videos of him on my website (see category “Tikkun”).

Gila Jedwab recently interviewed Rabbi Mendel Kessin about “Yeshu”, Yeshua, falsely called “Jesus Christ” by Christianity. She put the video on YouTube, but it was removed a few hours later! I think we all know why. She was probably pressured and threatened to take it down by fellow Jews and rabbis. Kessin was clearly extremely upset – furious even – and likely led or encouraged the enforcers. What she partially exposed they wish to remain concealed.
The deep hatred in Kessin’s heart definitely was revealed. He isn’t the nice old man people think he is. He says Yeshua is in “gehinnom” (hell) and he wants him to stay there. His depth of hatred is, as he often says, “beyond belief”.

Kessin later said he would publish a new video about his view of Jesus and Christianity. He has done so. You can find it on this page as well.

I found Gila’s video again on her Rumble channel. I recommend you watch the entire discussion! What is your conclusion? Write it in the comment section below.

Videos on this page:

For further studies about who Yeshua really is, please visit the following websites:


Rav Mendel Kessin and I (*) discuss Yeshu (Jesus) (1:07:50)
* I = Gila Jedwab.

(Due to poor sound quality, increase the volume to the maximum if required)

Watch on Rumble: click : here

Just to mention a few examples, watch the following sequences in the video. Again: It is recommended to watch the full interview!
What I want to add, is: “Well done, Gila!”

  • (2:31) Kessin: The Second Temple was destroyed due to “Sinat chinam” (baseless hatred) of the Jews. Their major sin was “Lashon Hara” (Evil Tongue)
    TM: This is exactly what Kessin is demonstrating in this interview.
  • (5:24) Kessin: Christianity has a lot of missionaries, a job the Jews should have done, to bring the belief of one God
    TM: This is correct.
  • (6:27) Kessin: Yeshu had to found a religion
    TM: False. Yeshua newer founded a new religion.
  • (6:44) Kessin: This guy (Jesus) was a criminal
    TM: This statement clearly represents Kessin’s sinat chinam for Yeshua and Christians in general.
  • (7:12) Kessin: Yeshu (Jesus) was a reincarnation of Esav (Esau)
    TM: This is pure nonsense and a discrimination of Yeshua.
  • (7:12) Kessin: Christians believe in the Trinity which is ridiculous, the Father, the son and the Holy Gost nonsense.
    TM: This is correct. The Christian-pagan doctrine of the Trinity was established only in the fourth century CE.
  • (8:45) Kessin: Christianity is a false religion.
    TM: He is right in many ways. The way Jesus and the New Testament are taught, is from a Roman, Greek-Hellenistic point of view instead of a Hebraic view.
  • (29:32) Kessin: Jesus abrogated the Torah.
    TM: False. Yeshua followed and obeyed the Torah 100 percent. Read the NT!
  • (40:46) Kessin: Jesus was a “min”, an apikores (Note TM: i.e. a heretic).
    TM: False. See above.
  • (50:35) Kessin: The New Testament is a false document. We don’t know if that’s true, if Paul wrote it or Yeshu wrote it.
    TM: Astonishing ignorance on the part of Kessin.
  • (50:35) Kessin: The New Testament is a complete distortion of Torah.
    TM: Astonishing ignorance on the part of Kessin.
  • (1:01:50) Kessin: The “oynesh” (punishment) of Yeshu is that he is boiling in his excrements according to the Gemara
    TM: False. This statement is disgusting and Kessin, including all Orthodox Rabbis, who support this lie, will be punished by the Creator God!


The soft version, this time on R. Mendel Kessin’s YouTube channel “Torah Thinking”:

Clarification of the Jewish Understanding of Christianity (8:25)

Watch on YouTube: click : here

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