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from l. to r.: Lt. Greutert, Cpt. Widmer, Maj.Gen. Bornhauser, WO Mäder, Wo Krähenbühl

Travel Order from Berne to Seoul:

—> Marching Orders  (Adobe .pdf) (in German only)
—> Travel Report  (Adobe .pdf) Travel Report (Berne-Basel-Frankfurt-NewYork-San Francisco-Honolulu-Tokyo-Seoul) , May 1980 (in German only)

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Above: Enroute to Korea. L.:San Francisco (San Francisco Bay), r.: At Honololu Airport, Hawaii, May 1980.

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A MAC-Meeting in Panmunjom, 1980:

The North Korean and Chinese Delegation:

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Swiss NNSC Camp in the DMZ in Panmunjom – Joint Security Area, 1980:

The Swiss NNSC Delegation on the way from the Swiss Camp to the JSA.
Maj.Gen. Bornhauser giving explanations to Cpt. Widmer, WO Krähenbühl and Wo Mäder.

The Swiss officers’ home at Panmunjom (Swiss Club and BOQ):

WO Thomas Mäder with Maj. Ian Stewart from the UK at the Swiss Camp Panmunjom / South Korean Col. Lee with WO Thomas Mäder at Camp Kittyhawk
Swiss ambassador of the Swiss Embassy in Seoul, Mr. Jagmetti, chatting with Cpt. Armin Widmer and WO Thomas Mäder

Maj.Gen. Bornhauser passing Camp Kittyhawk


The Swiss officers’ weekend house “Brooks” at the Yongsan Compound, Seoul

Stopping by at Seoul Ytaeweon  
King Club at Ytaeweon

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Osan Air Force Base, Korea

l.: Cabstand Osan, r.: Thomas Mäder & Pesche Wälti

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Yokota Air Force Base, Japan

Today nothing else but nice souveniers:



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Election of Miss Universe, 1980

Miss Switzerland, Margrit Kilchör, visiting Panmunjom: Margrit with Warrant Officer Thomas Mäder and car driver Mr. Driscoll in the Joint Security Area

This is NOT the official uniform of the Swiss Delegation!

US car drivers of the Swiss NNSC Delegation at Osan AFB (from l. to r.) Mr. Mann, Driscoll, Dodd, Couette and Hensel with WO Thomas Mäder

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