When To Expect The Messiah

When to Expect Moshiach – A Possible Scenario.
Only God knows the date and time. But we are allowed to think about.
The following video shows an interesting calendar.

Wann können wir den Messias erwarten? – Ein mögliches Szenario.
Nur Gott weiss Datum und Zeit. Aber wir dürfen uns trotzdem Gedanken machen.
Das nachfolgende Video zeigt eine interessante Zeitrechnung

➔ Go to Kabbalah Glossary to view terms and definitions often used by Kabbalah focused Jewish Rabbis.

Is the end of the world near? Torah secret that reveals what’s coming!
(YouTube Channel “Rabbi Alon Anava”) – the video starts at the 30 minute mark:

Basic Points: The Zohar Concept of “Taf Shin Chet”

  • The final Tikkun started with David and will end with Messiah who will connect the beginning with the end
  • Adam was the first man
  • The acronym of Adam = A (Aleph), David = D (Dalet), Melech HaMashiach = M (Mem)
    א – ד – מ

    Adam (Rosh) – David (Toch) – Melech HaMashiach (Sof)
  • Adam HaRishon was born in the Hebrew Year 0
  • David was born in the Hebrew Year 2854
  • David became King over Hebron when he was 30 years old and he became King over Israel when he was 37 years old, i.e. in the Hebrew Year 2891.
  • David is (in) the middle of Adam HaRishon and Messiah!
  • 2891 x 2 = 5782! 5782 is 2021/2022 according to the Gregorian Calendar!
  • 5782 will start on Rosh Hashana (Yom Teruah), the Jewish New Year = 7 Sept. 2021
  • The Coming of the Messiah will be preceded by a nine month period of evil.
    Evil times definitely began when Biden / Harris took office in Jan.2021 and when the Israeli Government closed the Synagogues in Israel in March 2021! Chas Ve’Shalom! God forbid!

Fasten your seat belt and get ready!

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