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Grafted In | Eingepfropft

Yeshua Judaism advances equality, inclusion, and brotherhood.
Akiva Judaism advances elitism, exclusion, and rabbinic authoritarianism.

~ BB, TorahOfMessiah.org [FN1]

Jeschua-Judentum fördert Gleichheit, Einbeziehung und Brüderlichkeit.
Akiva-Judentum fördert Elitismus, Ausgrenzung und rabbinischen Autoritarismus.

~ BB, TorahOfMessiah.org [FN1]

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ToM6e: Does Christianity Truly “Follow” Christ?

Source: Does Christianity Truly “Follow” Christ? Revised 8/2019 | Page copied with the friendly permission of the TorahOfMessiah (ToM) website author. | The page content is also available as Podcast under Proof: Christianity Teaches AGAINST Following Christ (Part 1 through 5)

Deutsche Übersetzung (German translation) siehe hier.
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Messianic Kabbalah Glossary


The following words are terms and definitions often used in the Kabbalah (and the Torah/Talmud). See e.g. teachings by Rabbi Mendel Kessin on torahthinking.com, but also many other Jewish Rabbis on torahanytime.com or other websites.
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