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WHO is planning to kill us?

The Georgia Guidestones and the UN Agenda 2021 / 2030

The monument, erected in 1980, was destroyed on July 7, 2022, by people as yet unknown. Likewise, at the end of time, God will destroy the plans of the WEF, the UN, and our corrupt governments. The Messiah will restore the divine order and an era of peace will emerge. | Das 1980 errichtete Monument wurde am 7. Juli 2022 von bisher Unbekannten zerstört. Genauso wird Gott am Ende der Zeit die Pläne des WEF, der UNO und unserer korrupten Regierungen zerstören. Der Messias wird die göttliche Ordnung wieder herstellen und ein Zeitalter des Friedens wird entstehen.

[13-MAY-2020: Note: I posted this article in 2013, now it becomes more relevant than ever: The World Health Organisation, the U.S. Democrates, The Deep State, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations, The EU Puppet Government, they all want to kill us! … Corona Virus, COVID-19 and more to come]

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