Peshitta – or: The New Testament was Written in Aramaic

Das Neue Testament wurde vom ursprünglichen Original in Aramäischer Sprache auf Griechisch übersetzt – leider mit vielen Fehlern!
The New Testament, originally written in Aramaic, was later translated into Greek – unfortunately with many mistakes.

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Dr Lamsa was a member of the Assyrian Church of the East. He was a strong advocate of one of that Church’s beliefs: Peshitta primacy (a form of Aramaic primacy). His hypothesis was that for the New Testament, the Aramaic Peshitta was the original text, and the Greek versions were translated from it. In support of this, he claimed that Aramaic was the language of Jesus, His Disciples and the earliest Christians, including the authors of the Bible.
Lamsa further claimed that while most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, the original was lost and the present Hebrew version, the Masoretic text, was corrupted, and possibly retranslated from the Peshitta OT (a very old Aramaic version of the Old Testament).
Lamsa produced his own English translation of the entire Judeo-Christian Bible in the form of The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts, more commonly known as the Lamsa Bible, freely available online on this website, and for purchase in hardcopy.

Go to Lamsa Bible Online – English Peshitta Translation (NT):

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See also “Peshitta for Dummies” (“Aramaic Peshitta Primacy for Dummies”, a .pdf file):
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BTW: Was it a camel or a rope? Read Matthew 19:24 in your bible and in the Lamsa version.
Which translation makes more sense?

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