Photogallery Thomas Mäder: From 20 to 30

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"... give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's." (Luke 20:25, NIV)


Fit to fight but trained to grill:
Military Service UEM RS 38/77 1.Kp.,
Uebermittlungs-Rekrutenschule Bülach, 1977:         



Flying on a Suzuki GT 250
Bülach, Panzerpiste, 1981:

Flying on a Jet Aviation's Learjet with my fiancée,  at Bern-Belpmoos, 1982:


Getting married:

Faulensee am Thunersee, 28 May 1983: Thomas Mäder & Kathrin Aeschbacher

Washington DC, USA, 1984: 

1985: A new era begins ... guess why?

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