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"Yeshua (Jesus) said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Mt.19:14, NIV)
With my Godfather Walter and my Godmother Beth, right after my baptism ceremony at the "Reformierte Kirche" Bremgarten, Berne, on 26 May 1957. *
P.S.: I was baptised a second time on 26 June 1984 (no pictures available), because it was my will to be baptised.
Acts 2:38: "Peter replied, Repent and be baptised, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."


From left: My mom, holding me in her arms, some aunts, a cousine and my brother Daniel to my right.

Thomas, thinking: "Did they really have Formula 1 races at the Bremgartenring in Berne?"

Mom, Dad and brother Daniel, celebrating my second birthday:

My Parents (before I was born):

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Early School Years:

Reading "Nineli Naneli":

Proud of my first ID card:

Second class, Schulhaus Enge, Berne (with Frl. Tschumper):

Fourth class, Schulhaus Enge, Berne (with Frl. Müller):

Some of my teachers and my classmates:

1.Klasse Frl. Tschumper, Primarschule Enge, Bern: Christoph Burkhalter, Raoul Gyger, Ulrich Heimlicher (Ueli Heimlicher), Dietmar Kaufmann, Karl Koscis, Thomas Mäder, Per Messerli, Daniel Nufer, Reto Schiegg, Thomas Sigrist, Jürg Sommer, Andreas Szakaly, Georg Takacs (Gjörgi), Jürg Wittwer, Käthi Bütikofer, Monika Brehm, Margrit Domenig, Margrit Fuhrer, Ingrid Lüscher, Theres Matter, Franziska Meyer, Beatrice Moser, Monika Moser, Gabriele Schärer, Christine Schenk, Damiana Tomezzoli

4.Klasse Frl. Müller, Primarschule Enge, Bern: Christoph Burkhalter, Raoul Gyger, Ueli Heimlicher, Heinz Jungo, Karl Kocsis, Thomas Mäder, Per Messerli, Thomas Müller, Daniel Nufer, Albert Rüegsegger, Reto Schiegg, Thomas Sigrist, Jürg Sommer, Andras Janos Szakaly, Georg Takacs, Jürg Wittwer, Dietmar Kaufmann

5.Klasse, Hans Badertscher, Sekundarschule Neufeld, Bern: Max Bähler, Andreas Büchner, Werner Eilinger, Daniel Günter, Marc Hansen, Peter Hunziker, Thomas Mäder, Bernhard Meyer, Hanspeter Moser, Pascal Sackmann, Christian Stäbler, Kurt Zahnd, Marco Zingaro, Marianne Fahrni, Maya Gäggeler, Marianne Kunz, Ursula Menzi, Franziska Meyer, Verena Reber, Gabriele Schärer, Marlise Schmid, Charlotte Strahm, Eliane Streit, Ursula von Tobel.

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