From the Les Humphries Singers to Worship!

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Sing unto God, sing praises to his name (Psalm 64,5)

- Amendment 2013: I'm currently finding the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith! Please see also and
- Nachtrag 2013: Z.Zt. finde ich die Jüdischen/Hebräischen Wurzeln des Christlichen Glaubens! Siehe auch

.......... Well, More than 30 years ago, I listened to the LHS - The Les Humphries Singers - songs like Mexico, Mama Loo, Kansas City, etc.! I was even a fanclub leader.

From 1982 until recently I preferred Christian songs, songs like ... you better go and see this page: Worship Songs ... and now I love Hebrew songs based on Torah !!

See my favourite lyrics of today (Swiss German, German and English worship songs): WorshipSongs Document may be removed from this page.

This was in the seventies:

L.: With Les Humphries, R.: With John Lawton (later Uriah Heep) in Cologne (Tanzbrunnen, Köln, around 1977)

With Jimmy Bilsbury (Babalu, Bern, around 1976)

Two LHS Fanclub Leaders: Thomas Mäder (Bern), Horst Weilacher (Pforzheim),

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